Sunday, December 28, 2008

The raw truth comes out

The Raw Story has recently been validating my posts from the early months of The Progressive Zone. Back in 2005, I posted about the fascist elements of the USA PATRIOT Act. Section 501 of the Act seems to be contrary to everything this country stands for. It prevents someone accused of terrorist activity from being informed of the evidence against him or her, no matter how flimsy it be. It's no surprise then that a federal appeals court has finally invalidated the section of the Act which permitted "national security letters" to create blanket gag orders.

Also in 2005, I tried to reconcile president Bush's claim that "we do not torture" with vice president Cheney's insistence that the CIA should be permitted to torture detainees. Why would it need this permit if we do not torture? Well, now we know why. The Raw Story also reported this month that Cheney admits authorizing detainee's torture. He had the gall to say on national television that he supports water-boarding, an act for which Japanese soldiers were tried and convicted of war crimes after World War II.

Although I'm pleased that the truth is coming to light and the judiciary is beginning to restore civil liberties, I still wonder why it's taken so long.

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