Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain now resorting to flat out lies

Did you see John McCain's ad about Senator Obama's comment regarding "lipstick on a pig"? It's completely disingenuous on its face. I heard Obama's entire statement in context, and he was explicitly talking about a couple of specific McCain positions, not Governor Sarah Palin. Yet McCain outright states that Obama was talking about Palin.

You should have seen Hardball the other night. Chris Matthews completely owned the McCain Mouthpiece who came on his show to talk about the issue. The guy got himself so twisted up in the facts that not even he could support the contention that Obama was calling Palin a pig. It's a must see!

Then McCain released an ad that says, "Obama's one accomplishment: legislation to teach comprehensive sex education to kindergarteners." The truth is that when he was in the Illinois legislature, Obama favored (but did not sponsor) a bill to provide "age and developmentally appropriate" material for older students. It also allowed parents to opt-out of the education. The only education that it allowed for children in kindergarten was to teach them to avoid sexual predators.

Furthermore, it wasn't his only accomplishment regarding education:
In reality, Mr. Obama not only helped administer a $49 million education project in Chicago in the 1990s, but also sponsored or co-sponsored measures that increased the number of charter schools in Illinois, and expanded federal grants to summer school programs and to historically black colleges.

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