Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Governor Mike Huckabee claims knowledge that America has used torture for interrogation

Alan Colmes, with Sean Hannity, was interviewing Governor Mike Huckabee on FOX News following the Presidential Debate. At 8:30, Colmes asked Huckabee if he, as President, would use torture to extract intelligence about an imminent terrorist attack on America. In the process, he made the point that John McCain says that accurate information cannot be extracted by torture. Huckabee countered that point by claiming, "we have received good solid information from individuals from doing things of the nature you're describing, and saved American lives because of it." The nature of things Colmes was talking about was torture. If Huckabee is not lying, he would be able to provide evidence that we have interrogated people using torture. Regardless of who he's referring to as "we," if such evidence exists, I think Huckabee's supporters, not to mention any other voting American, would be very interested in seeing it.


Anonymous said...

I followed the link but I don't see the quote from Huckabee you mention. Where is that quote found, or do you simply have it on tape and FOX left it out of the transcript? If it's taped, can I get a copy? Thanks.

philly_phlyer [(at)} inbox dot com.

The Progressive said...

I carefully transcribed the quote verbatim from a recording of the debate I had on my DVR.